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For every purchase, there will be a 10% donation to AtlantaMission. Because I firmly believe in helping home first.

First off, THANK YOU! 🙏🏾

You being here means the most. I am an independent artist with no management or assistance in this industry. If you're here, either means you heard a snippet or just curious. Either way, your support is everything.


If you really enjoy my music, I ask that you save to your playlist or as a favorite on your favorite platform(s).✊🏾 This will help get my music to more people as yourself that enjoy good head nodding music. Being an Independent Artist is not easy and a challenge to spread the word, especially with no financial backing like the majors. You can understand the importance of the support of fans. Do me a solid and follow on social media and shoot me message (I'll respond, no doubt 💯). Keep the peace and love you all, No 🧢! 

Thanks again!

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 Events | Specials| Exclusive Content 

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