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 Professional Mix & Mastering

 Affordable PRO mixing & mastering for the independent artist. Why? Independent Artists are in competition with the majors and most independent Artists do not have financial backing as like the majors. This is the most important and crucial step before distribution! To compete with the majors, you have to have the quality like the majors. Before requesting services, review the checklist.

 Select which service you'll need. An email window will pop up. In the message state your quantity of tracks   to be worked. Describe any special events, such as, a break in the instrumental track. Within 24 hours you   will receive an invoice for ordered services. Upon payment, services will begin.

 Depending on the queue and services requested, a project can take up to 10 days for delivery. 3 (three)   revisions are allowed for mixing. If ordering M&M, you will receive the mix before continuing to master for   approval. 

 Why does it take so long to mix? 
  A proper mixing requires multiple listens because ear/listening fatigue occurs after period of time of work.   A revisit the next day will relax the Engineer's ears for better clarity. This will help acknowledge the perfect   balanced mix. 

 How long before receiving master only? 
  It can take up to 48 hours. 

 Need it faster? 
  For single song service rush delivery, a $50 additional charge will be applied. For more than 1(one) song   to be rushed, please use consulting option to explain the project and deadline anticipated. 

 Have an NDA? 
  NDA is 100% acceptable and welcomed. Your privacy and protection is a TOP PRIORITY! Can not stress this enough. 


 Pro Mix




 Up to 48 hour delivery 



 Will be delivered .mp3 and/or .wav format. You will receive the mix prior to starting mastering, upon approval.



 Need a whole project mixed & mastered? Tell us about it and an offer will be presented. 

 Mix will be delivered .mp3 and/or .wav format.

 Master will be delivered .mp3 and/or .wav format.



 Up to 10 days delivery 

 Up to 10 day delivery 

 You are guaranteed quality service and product. Your music is safe and in no way will be shared or   distributed to any third party AT ALL! Security and privacy is a top priority. Even if your song is not   copyrighted, you can be sure that it will not be shared or even listened to by anyone other than the   Engineer. 

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