Before you order and for the best quality experience, be sure to check off each one of these bullet points. This   will ensure the right files are at hand to get started on your project. This will also ensure you'll receive the   highest quality product in return

1. Do you have the entire session folder?

2. For mastering, do you have a 24bit .WAV file of your mix? 

3. Does your mix have clipping recorded in the session? 

- The full session folder is needed in order to mix your song.

- This is needed for a complete pro *mastering. 

- We will not accept any *poorly recorded audio. 

This will determine the quality of your product.

4. Is your mix balanced?

5. If recorded in any other DAW than Protools.

- An unbalanced mix will result in a poor master.

- Please provide the *AAF/OMF files. 

*A 24bit .WAV format is required! Depending on the mix quality will determine the outcome of your master. A poor mix will result in a poor master. A review of your submitted .WAV file will be in process before continuing of master. We want to deliver the highest quality sound, if your mix does not meet standards, it will be rejected. A full refund will be processed, if paid in advanced.

*Poorly recorded audio can be determined by monitoring the levels on the individual recorded track. If you see any yellow or red indicators on your session,  re-record at a lower input level. Record at the highest level without clipping the audio. This will ensure you have the best experience and quality mix & master in return! If your session contains clipping, you will be contacted and requested to re-record the track. There are no refunds for mixing services.

*AAF/OMF files provides each individual track within a session. The individual files are needed in order to provide a proper mix.